Great DIY Low-Cost Floating Box Shelves Ideas


Floating shelves are functional, space-saving, and can be installed in any room. Shelves will not only provide storage and display spaces, but they will also dress up a blank wall. The installation of these minimalist box shelves takes a surprising and more creative approach by putting them in a corner instead of the usual center of the wall.

78th Angle

Now it would be nice to give you this great idea without sharing the pros and the cons and here they are:

Advantages of Floating Shelves
  1. Consume a small space
  2. Cheaper than office desks
  3. Easy to store
  4. Easy to transport
  5. Useful for multiple purposes
  6. Easy to install
  7. Disadvantages of floating shelves
  8. Less durable
  9. Lower weight capacity
  10. Small surface area
Disadvantages of Floating Shelves
  1. Floating office shelves are less durable
  2. Floating office shelves have a lower weight capacity
  3. Floating office shelves have a small surface area

Open office shelves can be an invaluable asset to practically any work or home area. However, they’re not without their limitations. So, do they offer enough surface area, or can they hold much weight? Plus, are they suited to your particular needs? Let’s dive further into the pros and cons of floating shelves to see if they are worth the money and a good match for you!

Herman Everett