About Us

78th Angle Limited is a Design, Build, and Maintenance company making a difference for Individuals, businesses, and homes all around the world. We are based in Lagos the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria.

We take pride in helping our clients explore and expand their options with our mélange of services which includes Architectural Design and Services, Construction, Property Management, Facility Maintenance, Interior Design, Renovation, and other related matters.

Our mandate is to satisfy all our clients through creativity and know-how. Therefore, whether your project is a commercial office complex, a multi-unit residential layout, or just simply a small business, we have the right package designed exclusively for you.

At 78th Angle Limited, we realize that once a prospect becomes a customer; we must do all we can to assure their loyalty and satisfaction, and for this reason, we insist on “Person Centred Services” designed to keep our clients happy.

This is our pledge to you.

Environmental Design and Management is a discipline so broad; it encompasses every aspect of the Built Environment.

For this reason, we can always leverage our vast network of professionals, built over years of collaboration, to create a unique solution for every client’s needs.

  • Design Conceptualization and Site Investigations
  • Engineering Designs and Costs Estimates
  • Construction Works and Management Services
  • Property Management
  • Plumbing Works, Water Supply and Treatment
  • Electrical Works
  • Recreation Facilities Maintenance
  • Sewage Management
  • General Cleaning and Pest Control
  • Tenancy Management
  • Building Services Automation Services