5 Easy Home DIY Project Ideas and Designs


Okay, DIYers here are 5 great home project ideas that might interest you a bit:

Penny Tabletop

Jazz up an old and tired-looking table by topping it off with coins. Carefully arrange coins then coat it with epoxy glaze for a high-gloss and sleek look. You can use different coins to create patterns and personalized designs.


Colourful Wine Cork Curtain

This is one eye-catching and eco-friendly door screen. Don’t throw away discarded wine corks. You can turn trash into something colourful and beautiful like this wine cork curtain. Dip in different colours then connect the corks with connecting hooks.


Wall Organiser

Rustic, functional, and an easy home DIY project. Repurpose wood planks from old furniture or walls into this very useful mudroom organizer. Easy home DIY project you can complete on a lazy weekend afternoon. Add hooks, shelves, or drawers as needed.


Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Interesting, stunning, and inspired. This easy home DIY project might take some time to complete, but it is also creative and cheap. Use wood scraps when available. Cut wood squares with a slight slant and paint in several shades. Using a blowtorch, burn the slanted plane until the natural grains of the wood are prominent.


Outdoor Day Bed

Adding a day bed to your veranda or porch will increase its comfort and welcoming points. You can repurpose wood and other materials to be used in this project. Complete the cosy corner look by throwing in a few brightly coloured pillows!


Culled from renoguide.com.au

Herman Everett